Friday, June 27, 2014

Tell Your Story

I am back!! Yeah, yeah, yeah I know I haven't posted in a little while. But just warning, with my life style I could write twice a week or twice a month. You will just have to wait and see when and what I post.

Along with working for my dad's company and gathering info/planning for the annual JFCA Beef Show and Point Series (which I encourage any Junior Florida Cattlemen member or kids who show beef cattle to come), I was able to attend the Florida Cattlemen's Convection. Now I have been going to "Marco" since I was like 10, but this one was special. Not only did I retire from being a JFCA Officer for 7 years, I was able to become a reporter for Ag News Today ( Though my little week long internship/job was just to last for the convention, it has become so much more as I will be reporting for Ag News Today at the Florida FFA Convention and other Ag related events throughout the summer. I am so excited for the future.

Now lets forget about me and lets talk about the FCA Convention. Tell Your Story was this year's theme. This theme is awesome as it tells cattlemen and women in the Beef Industry to tell their story to people who are not related to the Beef Industry. To enforce this idea with convention attendees, state cattlemen/women officials went around with a white board and marker and had everyone they could find write their story or thought in one sentence. Of course, I gave my thoughts.

Pretty Good Right!!

Telling stories wasn't just done by cattlemen/women. It was also done by Jr. Cattlemen a they compete in photography, a T-Shirt/ Bumper sticker contest, Public Speaking, Quiz Bowl, and Team Marketing. This year, my county had a Quiz Bowl and Team Marketing team along with a Speaker in the Junior division. Though Quiz Bowl and Team Marketing didn't place, they did an absolute amazing job!! Annebel, our young Public Speaker kicked butt as she placed 1st with her speech on farming apps. That's right apps on your phone or tablet that helps you farm and ranch! Sounds like a future blog to me!

Congrats to my juniors!!!


Well not that June is over, July is here and packed full of events including the FL FFA Convention, the Georgia Beef Futurity, and the JFCA Beef Show! If you are interested in the JFCA Beef show, Rudds Show Supply has all the rules and schedule! Its a great time. I'll see you later!!

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